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Adrianna Papell - Lace Bodice Yoke and Mikado Combo Ball Gown (Aqua Glass) Women's Dress

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I will recommend to order Adrianna Papell - Lace Bodice Yoke and Mikado Combo Ball Gown (Aqua Glass) Women's Dress on web store.
Add a touch of color to your black-tie attire with this Adrianna Papell creation. ; Sleeveless ball gown crafted in a solid satin and features gorgeous lace at bodice. ; Fitted bodice flaunts darting for a feminine finish. ; Round neckline. ; Illusion yokes. ; Defined waist. ; Full flared skirt with delicate pleats near the waist. ; Hidden back zipper closure. ; Fully lined. ; Floor-sweeping han...
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